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Peploe's Restaurant: Dublin's Premier Dining Experience


Locally sourced, meticulously prepared food that excites the tastebuds. 
Italian and French wines you won’t find anywhere else. 
All inside a Georgian-listed building. 


Gerard Boulay Sancerre

In 2004, we discovered Gerard Boulay's exceptional Sancerre at a Loire Valley Wine Fair. He's our top pick for Sauvignon wine worldwide. His wines tease with a subtle nose but deliver intense fruit, complexity, lovely minerality, and a memorable acidity. They're a guest favorite, nearing perfection.

French Onion Soup

Our French Onion Soup is a delightful choice that evokes the ambiance of a charming Parisian bistro, making it a perfect selection for a cold and rainy day. Its rich and comforting flavours are sure to enhance your dining experience.

Slow Cooked Milk fed Veal Ragu

A popular guest’s Favourite is the slow-cooked Veal Ragu, prepared with truffle butter, served with rigatoni, and elegantly finished with aged Parmesan cheese.

Seared Cod

Indulge in a delightful plate featuring parsley-charred fennel, black olives, chorizo, courgette, and Irish clams, all paired harmoniously with a fresh plate of Cod, offering a refreshing and flavourful experience.

Enjoy the Peploe’s Experience tonight

We’re ready when you are

We’re not just known for our beautiful food, eye-catching artwork, boutique wines, and charming Georgian building; we’re all about providing a one-of-a-kind experience. 

If you’d like to make a reservation, please call us from 12 pm – to 10 pm Monday to Saturday or book online.