Not just a jazz prodigy


National Concert Hall – July 12th

Joey Alexander is a young man to be dubbed a child prodigy, but at just 13 years of age he has been described as “not just a jazz prodigy, but one of the most intuitive pianists of our time”.

It will be some concert!

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Best Hotels in Dublin


Our pick of the Best Hotels in Dublin

Dublin has lots to offer the discerning visitor but if you visit the City you need to know where you sleep will enhance your overall stay and offer you a genuine warm Irish welcome.
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President Bill Clinton pictured at Peploe’s…


The day Bill Clinton came to town

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Peploe’s Spring Lunch Special

Peploe's Spring Lunch Special

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Chef – Neil Mulholland


The Man behind Peploe’s Menu

Neil is a man who likes to make a difference, he considers himself an environmentalist, he likes to shock, he abhors political correctness and he once shared the same air with none other than Angelina Jolie.

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5 Things we bet you never knew about Valentines Day


The sceptics might say it’s just another Hallmark occasion,  but in actual fact there is some depth to Valentines Day.

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Mannequin Challenge

Mannequin Challenge with Peploes Customers & Staff all joining in. Happy Christmas from all at Peploes

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Peploe’s Wine – Part 2 (Loire Valley)


Loire Valley

Referred to as the ‘Cradle of the French’ and the ‘Garden of France’ due to the abundance of Vineyards, fruit orchards, artichoke, and asparagus fields long with impressive architectural heritage & many historical chateaux.

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Peploe’s Wine – Part 1 (Alsace & Champagne)


We are going to share a little about our wine contacts over a series of blogs…

We have a core of winemakers on our books since we first started to import wines direct from the vineyard.
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#BestofDublin Listing


We were chuffed to be told we had made the 2016 list of Dublin’s top 100 restaurants Read more