Peploe’s Wine – Part 1 (Alsace & Champagne)


We are going to share a little about our wine contacts over a series of blogs…

We have a core of winemakers on our books since we first started to import wines direct from the vineyard.

Our adventure with Peploe’s Wine began in March 2005 and has gone from strength to strength.  Now we are proud to offer a choice of 164 fine wines from Europe including 24 by the glass.

Alsace Wine Region

Tucked into France’s Northeastern corner, Alsace follows the Rhine River through its long, thin strip. The Vosges Mountains protect and provide Alsace with a backdrop for some of France’s most stunning scenery.

vin dalsaceIn Alsace, we import from the Dussourt Family.

Located in the Heart of the Alsacian vineyards in Scherwiller, the Dussourt vineyard benefits from exceptional weather condition.  A sandy-granite underground, low level of rain and South to Southeast sun exposure makes it ideal for sugar, alcohol concentration & freshness.

From the Pinot Blanc, the Riesling & the Gewürztraminer, all their wines are fresh, fruity and seriously delicious.  If you like a wine that is not too dry to your palate, then the wines of the Dussourt Family are ideal for you.

  • Domaine Dussourt, Pinot Blanc, Alsace, 2014   €34.50
  • Domaine Dussourt, Riesling, Alsace, 2013   €38.00
  • Domaine Dussourt, Pinot Gris, Alsace, 2013   €39.50

Champagne Wine Region

The Champagne wine region is a historic province within the administrative province of Champagne in the Northeast of France. The area is best known for the production of the sparkling white wine that bears the region’s name.  EU law and the laws of most countries reserve the term “Champagne” exclusively for wines that come from this region located about 100 miles (160 km) east of Paris.

veuve doussotFrom Champagne, we import the Veuve Doussot.

The vineyards of Veuve Doussot Champagne are located in the small village of Noe les Mallets.  This White wine is mainly made from the Pinot Noir grape, combined with a little Chardonnay, creating the perfect balance between the sharpness back bone of the Pinot Noir & the softness of the Chardonnay.

Being festive and delicate, the Rosé Champagne will colour your summer evening aperitifs and express its character beautifully as a shiny pre-dinner drink.  This 100% Pinot noir Champagne has a light sparkle with a striking dark pink with strawberry and gooseberry on the nose.

  • Veuve Doussot, Selection, Brut, NV   €73.00/€14.50 per glass
  • Veuve Doussot “Tendresse”, Brut Rosé, NV   €79.00
  • Veuve Doussot, Blanc de Blancs, Brut, NV   €115.00

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Frederic Pelanne (General Manager)