Grand Cru Classé Château Guiraud


Just before Christmas we were thrilled to take delivery of an exceptional new adornment for our bar.

Meet the Grand Cru Classé Château Guiraud,

You will not find this bottle in any other restaurant in Dublin. 

In fact this specialty wine can only be found in 10 places in the world, 9 of those are within the restaurants of Alain Ducasse  the famous French chef.  

The 10th spot is Peploe’s Wine Bistro, 16 St Stephens Green, Dublin 2!!!!photo

The theory is simple, wine is often discarded for having been left open for too long, exposed to the natural elements the taste is tarnished and the quality just not good enough for our discerning diners at Peploe’s.

Serving a Château Guiraud dessert wine as we will now do from a 6 litre bottle allows 80 guests to enjoy wine of the same quality, which is impossible when serving various 75cl bottles. There is a homogenous result and taste and as an added benefit the wine tastes superb with just about any chosen dish from the Peploe’s menu.

“Unusual pairing with Sauternes is not a current trend! It is a classical approach that conveys elegance, nobility. For me, Sauternes is luxury wine’s accomplishment.” Gerard  Margeon.

The Wikeeps pump system preserves the freshness and quality of the wine, protecting it from oxidation and oxygen.

The bad news is that the Château Guiraud has been so popular we have only just about 10 glasses left, however as the pump system is ours, we will most likely refill with either Château Guiraud or some equally excellent wine from Europe.  Watch this space!