The Pheasant & the Pea : Game Season

Roveja Pea

The Pheasant & the Pea

It’s not quite a fairy-tale, but it is the season for wild game!

At Peploe’s in the next couple of days we will be adding pheasant to our menu.  This delicious bird has a complex yet mild flavour that we promise to serve cooked to perfection.

As with all meals, the additions to the recipe can be what make the taste sensation for the diner, our Chef Neil is ever so slightly eccentric and so of late, he has been on a mission to track down Roveja a rare pea from the region of Umbira at the heart of Italy to complement his pheasant dish.  His commitment and research has paid off and the delightful dish of pheasant will appear on menus this weekend or early next week served with Roveja.

But why all the fuss I hear you say about a ‘pea’?

Well here is a little potted history of the discovery of the rare Roveja Pea.

Roveja is harvested by hand using only a scythe, as you might imagine this is a highly labour intensive process making the tasty pea ever more appealing for its difficulty to get hold of. The Roveja wild pea was grown for centuries on high altitude terrain in the Colfiorito Mountains, in Umbria, Italy.  It was a forgotten item of the diet until some local farmers made it their mission to research the wholesome regional food and incentivise the commitment to harvest the pea.

Roveja is now an extremely rare, niche product we are delighted to serve in Peploes. The flavour is intense and surprisingly UN pea-like if that is a word.  When a food and the traditions attached to it are saved, we become richer on every level.  We are thankful to those farmers who invoked the renewed interest in Roveja and made the effort to prevent the disappearance of this ancient legume from our tables.

So, to make the most of the game season, we are thrilled that we can now share the history of this pea with our guests and of course the taste, watch out for it featuring with our pheasant dish soon…