Favourite Seafood, Scallops


If Carlsberg did Seafood…

Stress is something that affects our vision and our taste. Memories are what allow us to embrace what we enjoy and sometimes unfortunately shy away from other things.

Your relationship with food

How we relate to food as a reward starts very early in our lives, remember your Mam, Dad, Nana, Granddad or significant person in a parent role making childthat noise of a plane or a train to entice a child to eat? Or if you don’t remember, we would hazard a guess you have witnessed such a scene..

Perhaps you have a long held hatred of peas because you were forced to eat them and no matter what they taste like you will persist as an adult to hate them because of the emotional association

It all sounds bit odd or far fetched perhaps but there is a point coming…

Depending on your past, your relationship with food and perhaps how much International food you have experienced, you might react differently to certain dishes. Some folk hate to have a full fish placed before them, they feel the inert fish is gazing coldly at them, which physically it is, having no actual choice in the matter!!

This little ramble here is relating to a recent conversation about a favourite seafood – scallops and how they should or should not be served depending on who you speak to…

Scallops have eyes!!!

raw scallopAs Neil our Head Chef explains “…It’s a misconception that the scallop is a white lump of marshmallow shaped seafood, there is a lot more to it. The white part of the scallop is actually only the muscle. The scallop uses this muscle to flap its shell together creating a kind of water pump that allows it swim or propel itself away from predators.

You might ask yourself how does the scallop know it is being attacked if it is encased in a shell?  Well believe it or not scallops have eyes!!! Blue eyes, in fact and not just one or two, they have about fifty small blue eyes.

The roe, an often maligned part of the scallop is truly delicious to eat…it has a slightly more delicate sea taste than the white muscle with a distinct iron taste. It’s packed full of nutrients and should never be wasted. It is the brown chicken meat of the scallop or the offal of all other animals that most people wouldn’t touch.

tortellini 3In Hong Kong, Chef Neil had the pleasure of eating a Japanese scallop from the island of Hokkaido. His food memory : “The roe had been made into a sauce which accompanied the scallop.  It was the size of a fist and absolutely delicious”

So, overall we reckon if Carlsberg did do seafood, they would want ‘to do Scallops’, one of our favourite seafood from all the wonderful bounties of the sea.

On your next visit to Peploe’s, we recommend you try our Chef Neil’s Hand Made Crab Tortellini with Scallops, Prawns, Tomato & Chili.  Scallops are served in their full glory, hope you enjoy!!