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Peploe’s 12th Birthday

Peploe's 12th birthday

We had our birthday on 19th November 2015

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Christmas in Dublin 2015

This year all the fun of the Markets is a little further away from us than last year, but still only a 15 minute walk or so, make sure you visit the Christmas Village at Custom House Quay, Dublin 1.

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Peploe’s Paintings

Peploe’s is named after the renowned Scottish Colourist, Samuel John Peploe
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Peploe’s Story

A little bit of our history…

Peploe’s story is the culmination of a long-held ambition for owner, Barry Canny, to open an accessible, affordable bistro reflecting his personal passion for simple good food, fine wine and art.
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Sunday Brunch in the City at Peploe’s

 What do you want from your Sunday afternoons?

A lazy day where all is well with the world, a sated appetite, some live music, tasty wine and of course good company!
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Trip Advisor Awards 2015 – We are in the Hall of Fame!


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Recipe : Duck Confit

A recipe straight from our chef Neil, we hope you will enjoy!

“I suppose you could say that Peploes is sort of an institution by now. We are in our 13th year of operating but we never really rest on our laurels… you can prepare this dish and refrigerate it for a few months.  The dish goes back to a time where people didn’t have refrigerators and had to use their ingenuity to transport food when they were undertaking long journeys.”  Neil Mullholland
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Grand Cru Classé Château Guiraud

Just before Christmas we were thrilled to take delivery of an exceptional new adornment for our bar.

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The Pheasant & the Pea : Game Season

Roveja Pea

The Pheasant & the Pea

It’s not quite a fairy-tale, but it is the season for wild game!

At Peploe’s in the next couple of days we will be adding pheasant to our menu.  This delicious bird has a complex yet mild flavour that we promise to serve cooked to perfection.
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