President Bill Clinton pictured at Peploe’s…


The day Bill Clinton came to town

BillThe US has a new President – Donald Trump, but William Jefferson Clinton (born William Jefferson Blythe III; August 19, 1946) better know as Bill Clinton still has a claim on the title of US President in Ireland.

Mr Clinton served as the 42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001.   Mr Clinton left office with the highest end-of-office approval rating of any U.S. President since World War II.  He is hugely popular in Ireland for his pivotal role in the Northern Peace Process.

Bill ClintonIn March of this year he visited the Emerald Isle to attend the funeral of Martin Mc Guinness Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland and whilst in the area popped into Peploe’s.  Mr Clinton dined with Mr Denis O’Brien and hotelier John Fitzpatrick.

The trio were pictured chatting to passers-by as they left Peploe’s Wine Bistro on St Stephen’s Green.

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